FCE / B2

Use of English 

Part 1: multiple choice cloze  
This part mostly tests your vocabulary.  It involves a short text with 12 gaps.  For each gap you have to select the missing word from a choice of four (A, B, C or D). Click here for more information

Part 2: open cloze
This part mostly tests your grammar.  You are given another short text with  12 gaps. For each gap you have to add the missing word. Click here for more information.

Part 3: word formation
This part tests your vocabulary and ability to form new words.  You are given a short text with 10 gaps. Each gap has a word you need to change into a verb, noun, adverb or adjective, etc...  Click here for more information.

Part 4: Key word transformations
This part tests your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. You will be given 8 complete sentences, each followed by another incomplete sentence and a key word.   You must complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first using between 2 and 5 words (including the key word).  Click here for more information.

Part 1
The examiner will ask you to speak briefly in turn and to give personal information about yourself.   You can expect questions like;
  • Can you describe the area where you live?
  • What do you like and dislike about this area?
  • Where else would you like to live and why?
  • What would you say are the most important sports in your country?
  • Which sports do you enjoy playing?
  • What kinds of sports do you like watching?
  • Which sports do you find boring and why?
  • When did you start learning English?
  • In what ways do you think English is going to be useful for you?
  • Do you have any plans for a future career?
  • Will you be able to use foreign languages in your future career?
  • How did you travel here today?
  • What sort of public transport is available in this area?
  • What form of public transport do you use most often?
  • What do you like and dislike about it?
  • Where did you spend your last holidays?
  • What sort of activities do you enjoy doing on holiday?
  • Where would you like to go for your next hoidays?
  • What would be your ideal holiday?
  • Who are the most important people in your life?
  • How would you describe your relationship with your family?
  • Do you have much contact with your extended family?
  • What do you most enjoy doing with your family?
  • Do you enjoy going to the cinema?
  • Is the cinema in your town popular?
  • What was the last film you saw at the cinema or on television?
  • What´s your favourite TV programme?
SOURCE: First Certificate Practice Tests (Charles Osborne) Heinle Cengage Learning 2009

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